If you have ever tasted the gelatos and sorbettos at STG, you know the feeling of wanting to share that experience with all your friends and family.  Now, with STG Gelato Cakes, you can! After all, STG gelatos and sorbettos are so delicious, serving an STG Gelato Cake will make you the hero of every event.

STG team member and cake artist extraordinaire Elena Rodriguez has been decorating cakes for about five years.  She has a passion for decorating and is always looking for new and inventive ways to create a beautiful dessert for customers.  Having worked with ice cream in the past, she has found that working with gelato allows a freedom of form and design that is not possible with ice cream.  Elena says, “I can do more with gelato. It is more dense, more moldable, more pliable.” This density gives Elena the opportunity to give you an expanded variety of options in cake designs to suit your occasion.

STG Gelato Cakes are available in 6-inch (feeds 6-8) or 9-inch (feeds 12-16) sizes, round or square shapes, and with or without one of the five cake layer options. You also have 40 gelato and sorbetto flavor selections to please your palate. Choose 1-2 flavors with a cake layer, or choose 3 flavors without a cake layer. To top it off, there are six optional coating flavors available as well. So many possible combinations mean your STG Gelato Cake is a custom work of art that will delight your guests, friends, and family.

Elena’s personal favorite combination, and her own birthday cake this year, is the Amalfi di Gaeta (Lemon Biscotti of Gaeta) with Lampone (Raspberry Sorbetto). Another more traditional Italian combination is the rave-worthy Pistachio, Milk, and Cherry (sometimes with Chocolate).  Dairy-free* and Gluten-free* flavors are also available.

Come visit Gelateria STG at the Farm Shopping Center at 51st and Sheridan in Tulsa, and sample many of the flavors you may choose for your STG Gelato Cake creation. The knowledgeable staff is ready to assist your with your custom order. We ask for 48 to 72 hours’ notice for a custom cake creation.

*All equipment is washed and sanitized between the production of each flavor, however STG cannot guarantee there will not be trace cross-contamination that may pose a risk for those with severe allergies.