In the heart of the downtown Tulsa restaurant scene is a little piece of Italy. STG Pizzeria & Gelateria is not food and flavors similar to those found in Italy, but pizzas, appetizers, and gelatos created true to the traditions of Naples, Italy. This commitment to authenticity is reflected in the name. The “STG” in STG Pizzeria & Gelateria stands for, Specialità Tradizionale Garantita or “Specialty & Tradition, Guaranteed.”

Marcello Angelini, Artistic Director for the Tulsa Ballet, was born and raised in Naples, Italy. After trying STG Pizzeria, he said, “We had best pizza outside of Napoli in decades! …Best crust, perfect balance or toppings, perfect size and outstanding mozzarella.”

In a way, STG pizza is imported. The oven, tools, ingredients, and the technique have been brought in from Naples… because, of course, Naples is the best place to get pizza in Italy.

STG Facebook fans piled on comparisons through their own first hand experiences.

‪Jon Guy‪ said “I was stationed in Gaeta, Italy while in the Navy and loved the brick oven pizzas. The style in which STG is using reminds me of that and gives me a taste of the lifestyle I loved and miss.”

‪Tracy Alburty‪ said, “Love that there is nothing like this in the state of Oklahoma! Everything is imported from Italy and there’s such attention to detail to make a unique dining experience!”

Maria Mendell said, “I was stationed in Naples for several years. It was many years ago. The authenticity of STG brought back some of my favorite memories!”

When you stop by downtown don’t skip the also authentic gelato.

Hailey Avila said, “The gelato samples were out of this world! Made it so hard to pick!” There are 24 flavors in the case at any one time, including dairy-free sorbettos.

Angelini didn’t skip the dessert, either. “The gelato was killer, I wish I could say it was Neapolitan, but it wasn’t… we don’t make gelato that good in my city. It was more Palermitano, rich and tasty. From a born and raised Napoletano, congratultions!”

Grazie. You made us blush. If you haven’t made it downtown yet, remember: Siete sempre i benvenuti. You are always welcome.