The STG Philosophy


Specialità Tradizionale Garantita or “Specialty & Tradition, Guaranteed.”

STG means absolutely faithful to the true process. Not almost the real thing; not simply close to authentic. STG means beholden to a standard … to THE standard.

The same tools, the same ingredients, and most importantly the same centuries-old process that creates the standard adhered to at STG.

The STG oven is an absolute masterpiece of Italian crafted design straight From Stefano Ferrara in Naples - intended for one thing - Creating Truly Authentic Italian Pizza.

Napoletana Pizza should only be made this way

Stefano Ferrara Wood Fired Oven

The STG Pizzeria Wood Fired Oven was built in the Stefano Ferrara factory in Naples, Italy with a large ‘TULSA’ branding on top and shipped directly to Tulsa, OK. It is a non-gas assist oven meaning it is heated strictly by wood fire. All STG Pizzas are created in the oven at a searing 900° degrees Fahrenheit or more staying completely faithful to the process of true Napoletana Pizza.

Wait. It Gets How Hot?

Yes you read that right. All STG Pizzas are cooked at 900° degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. It is important that Napoletana style pizza is cooked on all its circumference with a cooking time not exceeding 90 seconds. This oven rests on a reinforced iron structure.



STG uses only La San Marzano La Regina tomatoes. Each tomato is inspected for pure perfection. Anything less than perfection does not get used. Bright in color, earthy in flavor from the volcanic soil of Mt. Vesuvius. The Manzo family is dutiful in world full of fake Marzano tomatoes to ensure these are the best. STG accepts no substitute.


STG Pizzeria makes and uses only the freshest Mozzarella daily. The fior di latte is made every day from fresh curd. Along with that STG also carries imported buffalo milk mozzarella that is imported directly from italy.


STG uses only Farina Caputo flour (The flour of Naples). This flour uses traditional finely milled wheat, meeting authentic old-world standards. No added chemical enzymes. Caputo has and is the standard bearer for authentic Napoletana style pizza.

Everything Else

STG uses fresh basil, fresh cherry tomatoes, and all are sourced from different areas depending on region based on season. Sourcing locally whenever possible.


STG uses fresh milk instead of heavy cream for all STG Gelatos, for a lighter, airy taste experience. Authentic to true gelato.


STG Gelatos use real sugar. Because authenticity matters in all things.

Fresh Ingredients

From Oklahoma Porter peaches in season to imported pistachio, STG Gelatos are created with only the best and most authentic ingredients to create an experience that isn’t like the real thing, it is the real thing.


STG Gelateria uses strictly Carpigiani production machines for gourmet gelato. Sourced from Bologna Italy, the batch freezer and pastuerizer are second to none for making sure the gelato is properly incorporated and frozen at the ideal settings and levels.

The Golden Boy
The Oven
The Muscle