Jim and I are very excited about this for several reasons. When we first dreamed up the concept of STG – which means guaranteed to be true to the traditional standards of Italy –  it meant bringing to Tulsa food that is commonplace in the markets in Parma, Rome, Venice and Naples. 

The STG Promise

STG is a promise we make to you, our customer. Hopefully, after more than a decade in Tulsa with the Andolini’s and now STG brands, we have created a bond with you so that you trust us to deliver on our promises. It means we create food from a “Food First” standpoint – we don’t try and make something “almost like,” and see how much we can get for it – we make the best and most authentic possible end product and price it fairly. Just like what you get in Italy, guaranteed.

To do that, the machines and ingredients we use need to be identical to what is used in Italy. More importantly, the process needs to be deeply rooted in respect and knowledge for the craft of whatever STG item is being created.

Fresh Pasta comes to Broken Arrow

So now that we have enough space to stretch our arms out a little in Broken Arrow, we’ve set up what we think is one of the finest gelato kitchen in America. We moved all of the original Carpigiani equipment we flew in from Bologna when we launched our first gelato location in Tulsa to the new Broken Arrow location, and added some new equipment as well. We can now make more gelato, for more locations, plus serve it fresh in the Rose District in Broken Arrow.

In addition, we can fulfill a dream my brother and I have had for years – making fresh pasta or Pasta Fresca every day. Again, rooted in respect for the craft, we have amazing pasta machines that use bronze dies for extruding the pastas we don’t hand roll. We’re looking forward to bringing all kinds of shapes and flavors to the entire Tulsa metro, all made in the STG Broken Arrow location. You can come in now and buy tagliatelli, farfelle, and many other pastas freshly made that day. Fresh pasta cooks up faster than dried varieties do, it holds onto and absorbs sauces better, and has a taste and texture you will love.

STG Gelataria in Broken Arrow Now Open

STG Partners with Topeca Coffee Roasters

Lastly we take our hat off to Topeca Coffee Roasters. They have the same outlook on crafting a product that we do. STG doesn’t own a coffee farm in South America, so it simply isn’t feasible for us to deliver hand crafted authentic Italian roast coffee. However, Topeca does own a farm in El Salvador and pioneered a “Seed to Cup” model that results in a perfect roast from a known source. Coffee in Italy is usually served only a few days after it is roasted. So for an authentic Italian experience, you need freshly roasted beans and partnering with Topeca allows us to deliver that roast process and respect for the bean.

In addition our new STG il Classico Roast, available by the bag and roasted exclusively for us by Topeca, is an authentic example of what you would taste at any one of the small cafes located all over Italy.

So, all these ideas – authentic gelato, pasta and coffee – come together in an interior space executed in the style of a NYC Lower East Side shop, but located right here on Main Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We love the exceptionally cool design and hope you do, too. For us, the STG vibe exists because as much as my brother Jim and I both love and live for Italian food, we’re New Yorkers and Americans through and through. 

— Mike Bausch