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Andolini's Tulsa

California-bred Tony Gemignani, 40, knows more about pizza than you know about anything else. So when asked to take T+L on a cross-country tour to unexpected places, he proves that the U.S. pizza map runs farther afield than New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. When he lands in Oklahoma we at the STG and Andolini’s family are welcome to a nice surprise.

“Oklahoma is newer to the pizza scene, but the style here is executed in a more traditional way.”

“The guys at Andolini’s pull their mozzarella and make sausage in-house, and the owner Mike Bausch competes in the Campionato Mondiale della Pizza. I certified Empire Slice House chef Avery Cannon, who’s getting his name on some top lists thanks to pizzas like the Fat Tony, topped with Italian sausage, red onion, and ricotta.”

Thanks Tony and Travel + Leisure!

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